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Image: Summer Opener

While the expression once was that a “picture is worth 1,000 words,” with video marketing on the rise, it might now be that a well-designed video is worth 1,000,000. The thousands of options on VideoHive make it easy to customize a video template for any type of marketing. However, adding an audio file creates a full 360-experience for your viewers to truly take in an atmosphere of your product. While most VideoHive video templates suggest an accompanying audio track, there are thousands of other options on AudioJungle for you to mix and match.

Check out some of these awesome audio pairings for your video templates in a variety of themes:


Opener videos are an excellent choice to start off any presentation or promotional video about your company, product, service, or project. Paired with some peppy or intense pop music, your video is sure to engage your viewer and hold their attention all the way through!

Modern Fast Opener Video + Pop Party music 

Make your fast opener video move and pulse with party music from Indifferent_Guy. As your images and video clips fly off the screen, this audio track keeps up the pace, punctuates your text, and progresses your content all the way until the screen goes black.

Style Opener Video + Fun Rock logo track

Clearly communicate your brand with this fun, stylized opener and accompanying, upbeat pop-rock track from Cyril Nikitin. With this easily customizable template, your company identity will clearly shine through!

Summer Opener + Motivational Summer Fountain music

Tour operators, hotel companies, or adventure travelers will love this bright and breezy summer template and hand-clapping audio track. The audio, created by Alex Besss perfectly complements the carefree and optimistic attitude of the video templates beach theme and bold colors.

Drone Footage

Drone footage is all about taking in the atmosphere. Nothing goes better with an epic birdseye view than some epic cinematic soundscapes that will lift your video viewer out of their seat and into your video!

Jump of a Cliff video + Flying Canvas track


Launch your video with the soaring electro indie synth sounds of this track from texdentonmusic. With slowly building and layered beats, this audio enhances the suspense and weightlessness of this drone footage of running and jumping off of a picturesque cliff.

City Roofs Video + Acoustic Cinematic Pop Music

A quick flight over the city requires some smooth sailing tunes. With light acoustic pop rock from Progressance, your viewer can glide over the sights in this or other drone footage with a sense of weightlessness and ease.

Jet Skis in Mexico Video Pack + Powerful Cinematic Inspiration Track

As your eyes zoom around on jet skis in Mexico, pump up your ears with this powerful cinematic track from chrisatkinsononline. With a mixture of linear beats and big drops, this tune perfectly accentuates the gracefulness and adventure that characterizes drone footage of action sports.

Logo Videos

Highlighting your logo is a great way to introduce a video viewer to the aesthetic of your business. Use one of these video templates to smoothly showcase your company’s graphic design before they discover the heart of your messaging. Then pair it with an audio file that plays up the theme of your template and adds an extra bit of spunk to make a strong impression.

Sketch Logo Template + Piano Logo track

Your logo is a work of art, so give it the design-credit it deserves! The accompanying audio track for this sketch logo video template is the perfect way to add class and grace to your company presence as your logo comes alive across the screen.

Glitch Logo Template + Distorted Crazy Electrica Logo music

For some bolder representation, choose this glitch logo video template with a distorted electronica audio track. Your audience will know your company is living on the edge with this eye-catching video-audio pair!

Logo Reveal Template + Simple Logo track

Get back to basics with a simple logo reveal that’s a clean and classic improvement to any other logo animation. Coupled with a simple, pixelated audio track like “Simple Logo” by Enrize, you’ll communicate that your brand is ready to lead the viewer into the future with strong solutions.


Anyone who has ever been to or worked on a big conference or event know how much time and effort goes into planning a comprehensive experience. Make sure your promotional video communicates just how inspiring your event will be with upbeat and inspirational audio. No doubt your attendees will start sharing the inspiration and creating their countdowns to the main event!

Conference Promo Video + Motivate track

This lively and clean conference or event promo video is perfectly paired with a motivational audio track to inspire your guests, before they even set foot in your event space. With this soft, yet bubbly audio file, they’ll be clicking to register in no time as it uplifts their spirits as just a precursor to the event itself.

Youth Event Video + Future Bass track

Kids these days are looking for excitement, so make sure your audio track speaks to the energy required for a successful, youthful event. With thick and building dubstep, this “In Future Bass” track from OddVision matches the vibrance this video template as it creates a sense of suspense and anticipation for the big event to come.

Corporate videos

Whatever your corporate needs, video marketing is sure to take your corporate promotion to the next level with sleek presentation. Corporate audio files are widely available with a theme of music that is energizing and bright.

Corporate Video + Inspiring and Uplifting track

This uplifting audio track from AurusAudio is a great addition to any corporate video, especially those that showcase company culture or the benefits of working at a particular company. Although it starts of with a simple melody, the track then builds to a strong finish, complete with percussion and other instrumental elements.

Corporate Promo Video + Corporate Motivation track

With bold lettering, this video template calls for a softer, acoustic track. With subtle guitar strums, the audio complements the changes in text and color in the video. As a result, viewers get a perfect balance of visual and audio excitement and ease.

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